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The wellness sector is vast, and our focus is predominantly on preventive public health initiatives as well as working in the tourism sector, to create wellness and / or healthcare as a driver for visitations to your tourist destination. 

We can also use our customer experience expertise to enhance your offering, be it at your clinic, your spa or your fitness centre. 

Encouraging lifestyle change for better health

An increasing number of diseases are directly linked to lifestyle and can easily be avoided by changes in behaviour. For instance, obesity and all its related diseases can be tackled by more activity and better eating habits.


This is where CRISP intervenes. 

We encourage, through a tailored combination of education, mobile apps that motivate, events, incentive programs, behavioural changes for our clients’ target audience. 

CreatING a better work environment by providing third places within the office

Thereby we improve not only staff wellbeing and relaxation, but also contribute to our client’s businesses by encouraging people getting together and sharing ideas in creative ways. 

This also has a positive effect on staff health and morale. 

Increasing social interaction in residential communities

Nowadays, in many urban cities, people become more individualistic not only because of general development tendencies, but also because interaction is not promoted and the right environment for interaction not fostered.


Indeed, people living in high rise apartments or gated communities, have few places where they actively meet their neighbours that encourage creative interactions. Yet these are essential for community health, wellbeing, social cohesion and even reducing social tensions. 


At crisp we are passionate about creating these places, that will be specially thought of to ensure they achieve these objectives. 


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