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Our specialty in terms of hospitality lies in designing and refining customer experience, online, offline and phygital, to create appealing and creative concepts that will help differentiate you from competition.


We work together with a range of hospitality experts in a number of countries, that provide insights into new trends and help all the way through to implementation

We also assist in defining a specific concept for your property to target a chosen audience and ensure a highly differentiated offering that will increase your occupancy, RevPAR and general attractiveness.

Creating a hospitality direction and experiential concepts for our clients’ hospitality offering 

We design seamless and personalized customer experiences both on- and offline with a range of phygital services from the very beginning of the guest thought process (how to attract and convert leads to sales), until arrival, throughout their stay and beyond.


We guide our clients in designing specific journeys, experiences and programming that will differentiate them from any other destination and leverage their strengths.

Developing agritourism as a way to provide a differentiated sustainable hospitality offering

As a combination of our expertise in tourism, sustainable agriculture, F&B and hospitality, CRISP helps  clients define an agritourism hospitality offering,  that is deeply integrated into the landscape, works in harmony with the local ecosystem, in the most sustainable manner, with the objective of reusing resources while providing a differentiated, sustainable and high-class hospitality experience to guests. We also help you source the right architects and experts to build a sustainable, carbon neutral hotel, that aims towards zero-waste in terms of water, food, and other resources.

Rethinking customer experience 

As things are today, being the best at your property is important, but not enough. The entire customer experience needs to be thought of, online as much as offline, to ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty.

CRISP reviews and advises on the offering, to improve it in order to remain competitive in the hospitality world today. 

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