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Advising our clients on how to become the next “foodie destination”

Food can be a major driver of visitations to venues, be it a hotel, a district, a region or even a country. 

At CRISP we work with our clients to understand their DNA and brand and drive them in the creation of an authentic culinary identity, that reflects who our clients are while appealing to the needs, expectations and desires of clients today and tomorrow, beyond short-lived trends. 

We provide assistance in the implementation of our clients’ food strategy and create their restaurant concepts to differentiate them from competition and ensure their food offering is appealing enough to make their place a destination in itself. 

Strengthening an agritourism F&B offering

As a combination of our expertise in tourism, F&B and hospitality, CRISP help our clients define an appealing and sustainable agritourism offering, aligned with the specificities of the regions they operate in, helping them grow and utilise local resources ensuring a real “farm to plate” supply chain and experience.


Food & Beverage (F&B) is an essential part of the ambitious transformation plan of many countries. 

Restaurants have always played an essential role in the business, social, intellectual and artistic life of a thriving society. The importance is not just in terms of ‘cool new openings’ but first and foremost in recognizing and achieving potential impact on a destination, a city or a neighbourhood as a whole.

F&B are now more important than ever. New F&B trends and concepts are entering the market to meet the increased appetite and high demand from customers.

Beyond short-lived trends, we focus on creating value by responding to client’s needs, expectations and desires and working on your culinary identity, to provide deep-rooted authenticity, excellence and “entertainment” in alignment with the DNA and positioning of your brand or region.

We believe food can be used as a driver to define, differentiate and attract visitors to your place, be it a hotel, a store, a district, a region or even a country.

We also believe in food diplomacy as a tool to develop the tourism industry, to launch a high level of economic impulse, to improve livability and lifestyle and to bridge the gap between cultures and people,

With a highly specialized team, CRISP has the ability to kickstart any project and raise awareness by leveraging our strong network in the F&B industry to provide in depth advice but also fast track initiatives and adds real value to your project. 


Our scope ranges from early concept definition all the way to operational implementation and F&B stakeholder sourcing.

Sourcing the right partners & ranking our clients’ restaurants 


With our strong international network, CRISP rapidly sources the right F&B stakeholders, operators or investors that are aligned with the vision of our clients’ projects. 

We also support our clients in defining an impactful offering that will ensure they can rank with the most renowned restaurant ranking guides. 

We help them set plug & play concepts to adjust their offering. 


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