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We are passionate about sustainability and the environment. We believe these matters should not be relegated to the side, and instead, should be considered as part of any action or project we work on. 

Be it in agriculture, by helping a transition towards greener and more sustainable practices; by bringing the environment and nature back into our cities or creating sustainable hospitality and F&B agritourism concepts, CRISP can assist. 

Through a combination of world leading experts, smart infrastructures, low tech solutions and lots of creativity and passion, we respond to environmental challenges in a holistic manner to pave the way for a better future.

Transitioning a farm towards more sustainable practices

Considering the specificities of a farm, we help our clients rethink their production methods to bring in more diversity, reduce their fertilizer / pesticides, water and other resource consumption through appropriate permaculture methods, supplemented by technology, as and when needed.

Creating an agritourism farm

We help our clients transform a farm to an attractive agritourism offering, where our clients locally produce in a sustainable manner most of the food necessary for a quality restaurant and work towards autonomy in terms of energy, water, waste and other resources. 

Supporting a local production and distribution circle in agriculture

We help define the strengths of the agriculture production in a region and, as relevant, work towards making it more sustainable. 

We help partner with the right local distributors and vendors, set up local markets and promote the offering in a bid to support the local economy. 

This is supplemented by local handicraft production, that could support their tourism offering. 


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